Christ Community Wesleyan Church
5-28-23 Memory Care
Locations & Times
  • Christ Community Wesleyan Church
    6275 Kenney Memorial Ln, Albany, OH 45710, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
Memorial Day Weekend
Memory Care
Pastor David Holdren
What is the PURPOSE of Memory?
1. It is an amazing STORAGE system.
3. It gives wonderful CONNECTIONS and continuity.
4. Memory keeps deceased loved ones ALIVE to us.
5. It allows us to gain PERSPECTIVE.
1. It can stimulate both pain and pleasure.
2. It can inspire or depress; give us hope or despair.
3. Memory can generate shame and regret; pride and gratitude.
4. It is crucial to learning and retaining and guiding us; it makes TRUST possible.
5. Even our senses have memory:

a. Taste

b. Smell

c. Touch

d. Sight

e. Hearing
What about the PERFECTION of Memory? How does God speak into it?

How can we maximize our memories, as Christians?