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Lesson 1
Sometimes a place of blessings doesn’t always stay a place of blessings
Lesson 3
God is working. He called Moses. Is he calling you?
Lesson 4
God might be calling you. Trust that He knows what He’s doing.
Lesson 5
Sometimes it might get worse before it gets better. But don’t give up.
Lesson 6
God keeps His word. He did it then. He will do it now.
Exodus 7-11 God displays His power as Pharaoh continues to deny Israel their freedom.
Turned Nile river into blood
Plague of frogs
Plague of Gnats
Plague of Flies
Plague against Livestock
Plague of Festering Boils
Plague of Locusts
Plague of Darkness - Moses raised his hands and darkened Egypt for 3 days
Death of the Egyptians firstborn

After this, Pharaoh finally allows Israel to go free.

Lesson 7
God is faithful. He keeps His word.
Lesson 8
The old life might try to get us back.
Lesson 9
When the enemy comes to take us back, TRUST IN GOD.
Lesson 10
God will make a way. Walk in it.