Emmett Nazarene Church
Worship Gathering - Ten Words
May 21, 2023 - Ten Words - Pastor Brian Knight
Locations & Times
  • Emmett Nazarene Church
    1144 N Washington Ave, Emmett, ID 83617, USA
    domenica 10:30 AM
  • https://youtube.com/live/kkitGGBNuLM?feature=share
    domenica 10:30 AM
Worship Gathering - Ten Words #1

Focus this Sunday:
This Sunday, ​we start a new sermon series called Ten Words: A Study Through the Ten Commandments. We will look at the Ten Commandments that God has given to all who love him. What role do they play in our lives today? Do we still consider each as a "Word from the Lord"? Could it be that God’s way of living described in these commands are still valid and relevant today. What does God have to say to you in this?

This is also our Graduation Sunday. We will be celebrating those who are graduating. We encourage the church family to bring cards. Keep an eye here for a list of graduates. So far we have Aubrianna Lidik and Chase Willis graduating from high school and Abby Knight and Lillie Smith graduating from college. Send us others if you have them.

Join us Sunday at 10:30am either onsite or online! The link to the online service is on our website at (www.emmettnaz.org) and click on the Link to the Service.

Reflection Questions: (Privately or invite a few friends to discuss!)
1. What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?
2. Have you ever thought about the division of the Ten Commandments, and how they are laid out in such a way that if we obey them, we can love God and others?
3. In recent American history, the Ten Commandments have been used more as a tool of politics than a path for spiritual development. How can you use the Ten Commandments during this series to grow your faith?
4. How did you do on the Ten Commandments quiz? Would the group be interested in committing to memorize the commandments? If so, let’s recite them together now.
5. Where in the first commandment do you see the gospel? Does it surprise you to see the same basic themes of the gospel there? Why or why not?
6. How can we encourage and pray for each other in this?

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