New Hope Church Detroit Lakes
God's Redeeming Rescues (Week 11)
Stories of when God's work touched the lives of man.
Locations & Times
  • New Hope Church Detroit Lakes
    829 Lake Ave, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
Synopsis: My hope through this series is that you have identified a few stories that lead you to study your Bible more. There is so much there for you. I am not your answer, and a little prayer is never going to make you change. God can deliver you in 30 seconds, but if you make the decision to go back to bondage that is on you.
We are in the New Testament

We are going to look at the model that Jesus left us to overcome temptation!
There are two ministries active today.
The ministry of the spirit empowers us to be his witnesses
The ministry of the flesh robs you of God’s goodness

What is the ministry of the flesh
Everyone of you is predisposed and has a desire to sin
When we give into temptation we strengthen our flesh and weaken our spirit
If you know what sin is and I feel like I have been pretty clear, every time you continue in it you spit in the face of God and say my way is better than your way

Jesus models the rejection of Satan masterfully for us

This is the masterclass for resisting temptation.
Now verse 11 of Mathew 4 shows 11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.
Do you have the fortitude to resist one temptation? What about 2 or 3?
It is time for the church to rally

Satan seeks to reach your flesh because he knows if he can reach that he already has your soul

One of the greatest examples of redemption is that our God would come and be tempted so that he could show us how to make it!

Will we fall?
But will you get back up?
That is the choice you have to make
God saw your value as he hung on the cross for you
So what will you do?
Reject him?
Or follow him?
Questions for Reflection:

· What are you doing that you think is right, but God may be calling you to stop?
Do you believe that God’s spirit change you?
If yes, how has he changed you?
If you are unchanged do you know why?