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Practical Theology - Part 40 - Romans 15:7-13
How can we study the book of Romans and make it practical? Find out this morning!
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Big Idea: A unified church is a church recognizes Jesus is our only hope.
I. Our Source of Hope (vv. 7-12)
A. In admonishing the church to accept one another just as Christ has accepted us (v. 7), Paul points to the fact that the fulfillment of God’s promises in Jesus brings blessings to both Jew and Gentile and is the very basis not only for our acceptance by God, but also for our hope.
B. We have a secure basis for hope because:
1. In Christ, we see God’s promises fulfilled (v. 8; cf. Rom. 1:16-17; Matt. 10:5-6) – Jesus’s ministry to Israel reveals His love for them and that God is true to His Word.
2. In Christ, we see God’s larger plan (vv. 9-12) – We also see God’s larger purpose for all peoples through Messiah Jesus.
C. Paul’s goal here is to encourage the Jewish and Gentile Christians to get past their distrust and animosity toward each other and embrace one another in Christ, filled with His hope.
4. Acceptance (v. 7; cf. Eph. 4:31-32; Jn. 13:12-17) – We are to accept each other as Christ has accepted us.
A. Paul addressing a church whose unity is being threatened by disagreements over disputable matters (see 14:1), stemming from differences in customs, background, and maturity levels. As such, Paul is urging the church to be a community transformed by the Gospel, living in the Spirit, and reflecting Christ in their attitudes toward one another.
B. Regarding our hope in Christ:
1. Hope is a fruit of faith in Christ (v. 13; cf. Gal. 5:5) – Hope looks to a glorious future secured by faith in Messiah Jesus.
2. Peace is a fruit of faith in Christ (v. 13; cf. Rom. 5:1-2; Phil. 4:6-7).
C. We live in a world filled with disputes and division rooted in sin and brokenness. Our only hope: Jesus! The church must be a place where we accept one another in Christ and not divide over non-essential issues that hope may flourish to God’s glory.

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