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Negativity: Part 1 The Lies we've been told
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    Sunday 6:00 AM
Critical – default to negative filtering: always seeing what’s wrong.
Cynical – approach everyone / everything with distrust.

Media might be the main culprit of the negativity feed, but it’s kept alive by our willingness to embrace it and promote it. 
The Negative Feed

What is your mental, spiritual and emotional diet?

What are you ingesting?

Do an input inventory. Is there a pattern? Predominately… what?
Influence Imbalance

News is meant to inform.

Information influences my thinking and emotions, which influences my decisions.

Do I have influence on the information?
“Important” Lie

The headlines are SCREAMING and DEMANDING attention!

But what is more important than the headlines? What do you have influence over?
Negative First Filter

If the feed is negative, the influence is imbalanced and you’re buying into the “important lie” you will adopt a negative filter as your default.

You will become an expert fault finder.
Critical to Cynical

Critical: I’m alert to anything negative. If it’s there I’ll find it.
Cynical: I know it’s there. You don’t even have to show me. I’m convinced already.

Finding fault becomes anticipating fault.

Anticipation becomes assumption.

Assumption becomes conclusion.
Impossible Lie

First lie -all the negative news is important.

Second lie: Life REALLY is bad.

This is where a negative outlook, critical or cynical attitude is in DIRECT CONFLICT with what God has said.

Parallel Story

God’s story vs The Broken world

Here’s the truth:
DEAL with the negative in YOUR world and DWELL on God’s truth.