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Harvested and Held by Christ (Revelation 14:14-20)
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Description: John's vision in today's passage is one of a twofold harvest. The first shows Jesus harvesting His people to Himself. The second shows wicked people being harvested to judgment and wrath. Together they provide a sobering picture of two possible outcomes for mankind; we will either be gathered to Christ or we will experience His judgment. At the same time, this revelation invites us to see Jesus for who He is: a loving savior who desires to harvest and hold us in the palm of His hand to preserve us safely through every trial and challenge we face. Not only that, but if we'll open up our eyes to see where He's at work, we can experience the joy of joining Him in the work of His harvest!
What does the sign of the harvest represent?
1. Harvest describes what was about to happen in Jerusalem
2. Harvest describes what will happen at the end of the Church age
3. Harvest describes what God is doing in our day through the Church
I. Jesus harvests and holds His people
Key details:
a. Jesus uses a one-handed tool
b. Jesus keeps his tools sharp
c. Jesus will gather when the time is ripe
In calamity Jesus Christ is the one who holds us in his hands
II. God gathers evildoers for judgement and trampling
III. God's harvest teaches us how to think rightly about eternity
Reflections on the harvest
a. We do not need to avenge ourselves.
b. It is important to understand the state of our hearts before God
c. We do not need to fear
d. God delays until the fruit is ripe
What demonstrates our condition before God is not what's on the surface, but what grows from our hearts
IV. God's harvest invites us to open up our eyes
Putting it to work:
1. The age of the Church is an age of harvest
2. Seeing the harvest means opening our eyes
3. Goal of harvesting is to rejoice with God
V. Blessed are those whose lives are held and harvested by Jesus!

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