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The Beginnings: Wonder – Doné van Eyk
The wonder of God's creation is evident in the Genesis account, which lays the foundation for the rest of the Bible. Through it, we gain insight into God's character and attributes. His almighty power is displayed in the act of creating matter out of nothing with only words, a concept that surpasses human understanding. After the initial act of creation, there is a sense of disorder on earth, and God, in His wisdom, brings order to this chaos. He desires to bring order to each person's life, for He is a God of order. Although science may appear to be in competition with the Bible in our scientifically advanced era, the reality is that God created the natural laws that science is helping us to understand. The Bible was not intended to be a scientific textbook and provides a broad outline of who created the universe and how. God not only created but also rested, and He offers this gift to everyone on earth.
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    Sunday 9:30 AM
1. Creation – from chaos to order

The creation account shows that God brought the universe into existence from nothing and established order within it.
2. God created with a plan and purpose

God created everything with a specific plan and purpose in mind.
3. Science and creation

The scientific discoveries of today enhance our appreciation of God's wonderful creation.
4. Co-creators

We are made in the image of God, and this is reflected through our creativity and ability to use existing materials to create new things.
5. Rest

God not only set aside a specific time for rest but also to enjoy His creation and walk in a relationship with Him.
Let's apply it:
The wonder of God's creation leads us to a deeper understanding of His love and care for us.