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Sunday Morning Service
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Isaiah 55:1-13
“How To Enjoy This Amazing Grace”

1. How can we enjoy this amazing grace?
2. Isaiah 55:1-13 God gives Israel an appeal of grace:

How can we enjoy this amazing grace?
The unsatisfied are introduced in v. 2. That which is not bread cannot satisfy. No matter
how expensive it is…no matter how hard you try and make it work…There is a
God-shaped emptiness in each of us. We try and obtain satisfaction in something apart
from God. With what are you trying to fill that God-shaped emptiness?
A. The Invitation 1, 2b, 3
1. Come…Come…Come…And the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come” and let him that
hears say, “Come” And whosoever will let him take of the water of life freely. (Rev.
22:17) Move from where you are to where He is.
*Thirsty (unsatisfied thirst) He that has no money. Buy…without price…without
cost. That’s Grace.
* Hungry…How can we buy what isn’t for sale? Come…Come…Come
2. Hearken diligently unto me…the word that I have spoken to you are spirit and life
(John 6:63)
*Diligently…Patiently…open-minded…carefully pouring over His truth in the
Gospel. It is thinking it again and again. Eat that which is good…assimilate.
*Let your soul delight in its fatness. This is the result of appropriating…assimilating...
and adjusting your life to do what God wants you to do.
3. Incline…Come…Hear…Your soul shall live! I will make and everlasting covenant
with you.
*The Davidic Covenant did not depend on David, but the faithfulness of God. Their
obedience assured them of blessing in the Millennial Kingdom.
*Everlasting…Human failure could not destroy the covenant. Jesus Christ is greater
than David. If we will have Him…God is committed. He cannot fail. We fail…He
*Our salvation is more than a decision in time. It flows from a covenant made in
eternity! (John 17:24-26)
B. The Incentive 4-5
He directs our attention away from ourselves to the Messianic figure ordained for our
salvation. Beloved…
1. The Person 4 This is greater than David! Him: a witness for the peoples (plural)
A leader to the peoples…A commander to the peoples This will be fulfilled in the
Millennial Kingdom.
2. The People 5
Behold is the certainty of God’s victory through Christ.
*Today He is calling people…that thou knowest not
*Nations shall run to thee because of Him is a future fulfillment. The prophets see
nations eagerly running to Christ! What draws them? The glory of God…He has
glorified you.
*What draws men today? His ultimate beauty through: The Birth, Teachings,
Miracles, His life, His death, His resurrection and the reigning of Jesus Christ.

How can we enjoy this amazing grace?
A. His Ways 6-9
1. The Admonition 6
*Seek…while He may be found. Stop dawdling. Become intentional about Him.
Remove everything that keeps you from Him.
*Call…while He is near. Our part is to reject ourselves.
2. The Adjustment 7
*Our ways and thoughts are wrong! Forsake…
*What’s wrong with us? Everything! What we do…How we think. Christianity
requires a total transformation. CONVERSION!
*We can’t just ‘make a decision’…being nice, going to church with no repentance...
No forsaking of self, no pursuit of Christ. God is calling for a complete
overhaul! He will have mercy. He will abundantly pardon.
3. The Alignment 8-9
The reason the overhaul is needed: For
*There is a contrast between: His ways and your ways…His thoughts and your thoughts
*We are so not like God yet we think we figure Him out…yet we dictate to Him.
*As the heavens are higher than the earth…There may be 100-200 billion galaxies
which are light years beyond us!
B. His Word 10-11
God has revealed Himself to us.
1. The Analogy of the Word 10
*We are given an illustration of the effectiveness of snow and rain…returns not.
*Each fulfills the purpose for which God made them. True life comes from beyond
us. True life overcomes death. True life fulfills the purpose of God.
2. The Application to the Word 11 My word shall not return void, but it will
accomplish the purpose to which I send it. Rain never fails…neither does the
promise of God to save sinners!!
C. His Wealth 12-13
1. The Characteristics 12 Joy…Peace…Singing…Outward signs of inward joy.
2. The Contrasts 13 Instead of…In the place of
The negative is replaced by the positive. It shall be to the Lord: for a name…for an
everlasting sign…that shall not be cut off.
Salvation is a massive display forever of the kind of person God is.

“Wow...what a God!”

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