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Painting with Ashes: Shepherd Malpractice
This year's Lenten series is based on Michael Beck’s book Painting with Ashes. It is a journey of transformation, naming our hurts, wounds and brokenness, and trusting God’s power and love to redeem.
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  • Mentor United Methodist Church
    8600 Mentor Ave, Mentor, OH 44060, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM


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Lent is an invitation to be part of God’s rescue mission.
Something of value is lost -

Have you ever lost something of great value?
How did you feel? How long did you search?
Did anyone help you look?
Have you ever been lost?
Jesus relentlessly searches after the lost.
How does Jesus’ relentless search make you feel?
Something of value is found –

Did you find what you were looking for?
How did you feel? What did your celebration look like, and did others share in your good news?
Jesus rejoices whenever anyone receives his love and mercy.
And Jesus invites others to rejoice, too!
Who are the lost sheep of today?
Does Jesus’ love for all bother some people? Challenge you?
Jesus’ Idea of a Party –

Jesus’ vision and mission is to help all know God’s love.
How do you help others know God’s love?
How do you embrace your role in rescuing others? Is this someone else’s job?
What part do you have in helping the lost be found?

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