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We’re all familiar with at least some of the things Jesus said. But have you ever wondered what he meant? In our new message series, we’ll be exploring some of the fascinating, strange, and even controversial things that Jesus
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Jesus Said....
Part 2: Come

The Leading Scriptures: Matthew 19: 1-3, 13-14, 16 -28 NLT Version Hebrews 6:1-3, Matthew 4: 18 - 22, Luke 9:21 - 26, 57 -62, John 6: 4 -6 NKJV
Point 1 - This invitation is for young people too.
Point 2 - Sometimes Jesus will invite us to follow him to hard places.
Point 3 - Be willing to let go of what you think you need
Point 4 - Whatever we give up to follow Jesus, God takes note of it and sends recompense.
Point 5 - Let go every excuse; and follow Jesus.
Point 6 - Letting go is a pathway to help you mature in your understanding of God.
Point 7 - Letting go and following Jesus leads you into God adventures - designed and orchestrated by God himself.