City of Light Church
Sermon Notes: 3.12.23 Beyond Conformity
Speaker: Brian Mckee
Locations & Times
  • City of Light Church
    Saturday 3:30 PM
  • City of Light Church
    6725 W Burleigh St, Milwaukee, WI 53210, USA
    Saturday 3:30 PM
Are We A Believable Witness Of Jesus To People Outside Of The Church?

Strong Reasons For Becoming One
--In 2019 Milwaukee County declared RACISM a public health crisis that affects all of society.
--In 2018 Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce found racial disparity as the #1 issue affecting Milwaukee's economic progress
--In 2020, divisions were highlighted globally as we all wrestled with the right way to treat each other
How Do We Live This Out?

God Called Us To Unity Not Uniformity
God Doesn't Want You To Be Like Everyone Else

Conformity bias

The World Needs Who You Are

God's Plan For Unity
Beyond Samaria

We all have something to offer, when we give what we have to God
What was so important about God uniting people by language?
When a unified Gospel is lived out, it produces hearts that are sold out.
God Is Calling Us To Community Not Conformity
How This Looks For City of Light Church

If City of Light Church Looks Like One People Group, We Are Not Fulfilling God's Mission For Us
Moving Beyond Our Preferences

1. Acknowledge that your perspective is limited
(Romans 12:3-5)
2. Seek to understand someone different than yourself
Next Week

Next Step: Beyond Diversity Meetups