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Sunday's 10:30 service sermon notes.
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Welcome to South! We're glad you joined us today. Below you will find some sermon notes and Bible passages, to help you follow along with Pastor Scott's message. We are in a series called "Exalting Jesus", in which we are going through the Book of Luke. We hope you will be encouraged by what is taught today.

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Honesty is vital in evangelism.

If we sugar-coat the gospel to make it sound more appealing, we aren't sharing the real gospel. We must be honest.
Christ called for a committed faith, which will produce a change in priorities.

1) Self - "hate your own life"
2) Relationships - no relationship is more important than your relationship with God
3) Possessions - hold nothing back, it's all God's
Christ called for a committed faith, which will require counting the cost.

1) Personal desires and plans - to live by God’s desires and plans.
2) Personal relationships - if they interfere with being able to love God with all of one’s heart, soul, mind, and strength.
3) Personal possessions - in order to focus more on storing up for oneself treasures in heaven rather than on earth.

(Yes, these are parallel to the change in priorities)


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