Nevills Chapel Baptist Church
February 5, 2023
Locations & Times
  • Nevill's Chapel
    113 Co Rd 3210, Mt Pleasant, TX 75455, USA
    Sunday 12:08 AM
Welcome to our services !
We want to welcome everyone to our services this morning. We hope that you enjoy your visit with us. We want to remind everyone about our Sunday School classes each Sunday at 9 am. We have classes for all ages, and we are certain there is one for you.
Sunday School is very important in your walk with Jesus, as it gives you fundamentals for the Christian life. It also gives you a small group feel with friends to discuss Scriptures and the much-needed fellowship with likeminded people. Please join us on Sundays at 9am for Sunday School. We also offer services on Sunday night at 6pm and Wednesday night Bible Study at 7pm.
We have our Children’s ministry for kids 3 years old up through 6th grade each Wednesday through the school year and Youth for 7th grade and up every Wednesday night in the youth building.

From the Pastor
Faith promise giving encourages believers to give beyond what they think they can give to increase world missions. Faith promise differs from regular offerings in that a faith promise requires the giver to commit to giving what he or she does not currently have—a promise requiring faith that God will provide.
The giving is to be in addition to your normal tithes and offerings. If you do not currently tithe, please start tithing before giving to faith promise.
What you promise to commit to give to faith promise missions program, we will support missionaries based on the commitments we receive.
Faith is to be placed in God, not your own power. We encourage you to commit to give as much as possible while trusting God to meet your needs. The whole process is to be carried out in faith, trusting God to supply.
Please do not confuse Faith Promise with a seed faith offering. A seed faith offering is money given in faith that God will multiply the money and return it to the giver. The more money you give—and the more faith you have—the more money you get in return. In contrast to the deceptive seed faith teaching, the faith-promise does not promise to enrich the giver; it simply calls for the giver to trust God and for God to bless a certain ministry through the giver.
The Bible calls believers togive cheerfully, not grudgingly.
If you to give to faith Promise, give faithfully, cheerfully, and sacrificially. If you are uncomfortable with giving to faith promise, you can still give faithfully to support missions.
Service Schedule
Prayer & Welcome – Bro. Shawn Findley
Children’s Story Time – Bro Chris
3 – Holy, Holy, Holy
Commitment of Our Resources
Special Music by The Mattingly Family
and Avenue Trio
Message– Faith Promise Commitment
Bro Brant Lane
Invitation 581 – ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
3 – Holy, Holy, Holy

Bible reading Plan
Bible Reading for this Week
o Job 26-40
o Psalms 16-18
o Proverbs 4
o Matthew 9-11
o Mark 5
o Luke 4
Invitation 581 – ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

Thursday and Friday
Ø 8:15 - Continental breakfast
Ø 9:00 - Devotional
Ø 9:15 - Mission reports
Ø 11:00 - Morning message
o Thursday - Bro Paul Lamb
o Friday - Bro Danny Mendoza
Ø 12:00 - Noon meal
Ø 5:30 - Evening meal
Ø 7:00 - Evening services in Sanctuary
o Faith Promise Challenge
o Message by Bro Brant Lane
Ø 5:30 - Evening meal
Ø 7:00 - Evening services in Sanctuary
o Faith Promise Challenge
o Message by Brant Lane
Ø 9:00 - Sunday School
Ø 10:00 - Morning worship
o Message by Brant Lane
o Faith Promise Commitment
Youth News
Senior Valentine’s Day Dinner
We are having a Valentine’s Dinner for our Single Senior Citizens on February 14th. Our Youth will be serving and loving and spending time with them. We think it’s important to teach the youth about Service and Love.
Winter Jam
The youth will be taking their annual trip to Louisiana for Winter Jam on February 18th. Cost is $15. If you are interested in going, please see Bro. Chris.
It’s not just for the youth, all are welcomed to go.
If you are interested in being a youth worker and feel the need to get involved and make a difference in a youth’s life, see Bro. Chris.

Faith Promise Commitment
Bro Brant Lane

Birthdays and Anniversaries
John Brent Mars 2/5
Wyatt Braden 2/5
Bryan Williamson Jr 2/6
Emerie Duck 2/6
Tracie Elliott 2/6
Bubba Cochran 2/7
Jeanette Coke 2/9
Wes Rychlik 2/10
Jacob Ward 2/10

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