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Practical Theology - Part 27
What can we learn from the from the book of Romans? Let's find out together this morning!
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Big Idea: God’s sovereign mercy reveals to us the only right choice: To live by faith in Messiah Jesus.
I. God’s Sovereign Mercy (vv. 14-18)
A. In chaps. 9-11, we see Paul address the question of why much of Israel has rejected Jesus as Messiah. Here, Paul reveals God’s sovereign purpose and plan in calling unto salvation gentiles as well as Jews for those who by faith confess Jesus as Messiah and Lord (cf. Gen. 12:1-3).
B. In responding to the objection that God was arbitrary in dealing with Israel’s patriarchs, Paul emphasizes God’s sovereignty in showing mercy as He sees fit. We see:
1. God acts with mercy (vv. 15-16; cf. Ex. 33:18-19)
2. God acts with grace (v. 16; cf. Deut. 7:6-8)
II. God’s Sovereign Purpose (vv. 19-29)
A. Part of the issue Paul is addressing has to do with perspective and purpose. We see things from a limited perspective and don’t fully grasp God’s purpose in election. God has no such limitations.
1. God’s sovereign power (vv. 19-22)
1. God’s sovereign power (vv. 19-22)
2. God’s sovereign patience (vv. 22-23; cf. Rom. 2:4)
3. God’s sovereign purpose (vv. 24-29; cf. Gen. 12:1-3)
A. This challenging chapter reveals God’s sovereignty in electing unto salvation whomever He wants regardless of their ethnic background, whether Jew or gentile, and builds on the theme of salvation by grace through faith in Messiah Jesus (cf. Rom. 3:21-31). What is our response to this? Faith. Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We can either trip over Jesus in our own self-righteousness or we can build our lives upon Him as our foundation (vv. 32-33).

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