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God Speaks Through His Word
"Bring Out the Book" Sermon Series
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· God speaks through the natural world, through supernatural revelation, and through experience.

· The most common way the Holy Spirit speaks to us today is through the Bible – God’s Word

1. The Bible is the primary way we hear God’s voice

2. The Holy Spirit Illuminates the Word of God

3. The reading of the Bible must be combined with Faith

These verses in Luke 24:13-32 follow Luke’s brief account of the resurrection of Jesus:
Because of the events of the past few days these disciples:

(1) Had their HOPES SHATTERED (v. 21).


Jesus preached a sermon to them: “beginning with Moses and all the Prophets. . .

Why didn’t Jesus simply reveal himself to the disciples at the beginning of their journey?

Why did he take them to the Scriptures?

Jesus was demonstrating that the primary way he will be known is through the Word of God, the Bible.

Point #1 – The Bible is the primary way we hear God’s voice
The word “burning” - means “to light” or “to set on fire”

· Jesus “set on fire” the Word of God in their hearts and illuminated their understanding

Point #2 – The Holy Spirit Illuminates the Scriptures

You might say, “Hey, I read the Bible and I get nothing! No revelation, no illumination, nothing? Why doesn’t God speak to me?

When we read the Word of God, we must combine our hearing with faith.

Point #3 – We must combine the reading of the Bible with Faith

Reading the Bible and attempting to obey God’s Word without having faith and confidence in God’s words robs the Bible of its power.

Jesus’ opponents were religious men who spent the majority of their time studying the Holy Scripture.

Yet Jesus spoke these scathing words to them in John 5:37-40:
God speaks through his written Word which we must combine with faith

· As we read it with the correct motive and attitude

· Understanding and application of that the Word of God is spiritually discerned
In the same way, we deceive ourselves when we approach the Word of God with mere human reason and discernment.

· The Bible was “God breathed” or inspired by the Holy Spirit

· Is illuminated to God’s people by the Spirit

· And is made alive in our hearts by faith

· And understood, quickened or grasped by the Holy Spirit