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Awaken To His Promise and Provision
We have come to a point in our time that we need to become desperate for another awakening. We as the church have got to humble ourselves and pray. The theme for the year that will be presented throughout the preaching is “Unity In Faith”. This means we must have unity in awakening, unity in restoration, unity in truth, unity in service.
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  • New Hope Church Detroit Lakes
    829 Lake Ave, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
God has always been a God of provision. When God spoke in Malachi and said I am God and I change not and then in Hebrews the word states He is the same yesterday today and forever! God provided back then, and he provides now. He healed back then, and he heals now. He was just then, and he is just now!
Awakening To His Promise and Provision
True awakening is coupled with his promise and provision
Not talking about being rich
Not talking about getting everything we want
I am talking about when I follow him it changes me
The awakening in Acts brought people together!
It changed them.
It was not about just me, but it became about my brother and my sister
That does not sound like victory!?
Why do you think the enemy oppressed them?
(Hint, verse 9-10 give it away)
The enemy saw they were powerful
What would it be like if you viewed yourself a little less like you do and a little more how hell did?

What if the oppression you have felt by the enemy for so long has just multiplied your story and your oppression is the victory to bring the person you are next to out?

What if everything you have been through has purpose and that purpose is to help usher in the next great awakening and that awakening will be birthed in your basement or back yard!?
I need someone to stand with me

Awakening never happens alone
The instructions went to people that were not his disciples and he told them to go to the deep!

You were never built to hang out in the shallow water!
They would have never brought this victory in if they had tried to do it alone!
I truly believe that if we as a church will be unified and work for the kingdom of God rather than against the kingdom of God we will see God move mightily>
Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son.

What if the mental health problems you have or the sickness and weakness you have does not leave you?

We need to lean into what he has given and walk the path and just see what he does!

Questions for reflection
What area of your life has God made provision and fulfilled promise?
How can you partner with someone in the kingdom to spark a personal awakening?