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January 22, 2023
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Discussion Guide
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Conversation Starter
Which of your parents’ childhood memories have you heard over and over again?
Begin your study with prayer
Pause for a few minutes to quiet your heart and mind. Then ask God for insight and direction as you study and reflect on this week’s lesson.

Bible Study and Group Discussion

Read Joshua 3-4

Bible Study and Group Discussion Continued

Joshua 4
1. Joshua, the priests and all the Israelites were resolved to follow God. They were all in! What do you think caused them to have such great conviction? When have you experienced a really strong desire to follow God?
2. The Israelites camped at the banks of the overflowing river for three days (vs. 3:2, 5). Think of a time God led you into a situation, conversation or life-change that was seemingly impossible. What emotions surfaced as you thought about moving into unknown territory? What decision did you make and why?
3. The Ark of the Covenant is mentioned 16 times in Joshua 3-4. What is the Ark of the Covenant (see Exodus 25:10-22), and why was it important for the people to follow behind it? Why were they to keep a clear distance (vs. 3:4, 6). What lesson can you learn from this?
4. God fulfilled His promise to make Joshua a great leader (vs. 3:7; 4:14). What role did Joshua have in the process? How is Joshua an example for you?
5. After crossing the Jordan, the people revered him (Joshua) as much as they had revered Moses (vs. 4:14). What was it about Joshua that caused such great respect? Could the same things be said of you? Why or why not?
6. Two memorials were built to teach future generations about what God had done. What’s an important lesson that’s been handed down to you?
7. What are the greatest stones of memorial in your life?
8. Who might benefit from hearing stories about God’s work in your life? If you had the opportunity, what story would you tell?
9. God worked among His people so all the nations would learn about the powerful hand of God. How does this help you understand the mission and purpose of the church?
Spiritual Practice
A spiritual practice is something we can do to help us live in and enjoy God’s grace. We hope these will become a regular part of your life, so that walking and talking with God is the most natural thing you do.

Think of several defining moments in your life – times God showed His power when He was guiding you in a very clear way. You might go through photo albums, cards or keepsakes to help you recall what happened. Engage your heart in gratitude for each of these events. Allow the joy of these memories to deepen your intimacy with God and overflow into conversations this week.
Memory Verse
The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8 (NLT)

Prepare for Next Sunday

Next Sunday, January 29, we’ll continue the series in Joshua, Promises and Power. To prepare, read Joshua 5.
Why Jesus?
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