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En Gedi - Week 3
“The Spring of Living Water”
January 22, 2023
Matt Mizell

People will be ______________________ when you’ve had your ______________________.
(Matthew 5:44, 1 Samuel 24:19-20)

Don’t blame ______________________ for the choices ______________________ make.
(John 4:3-4, John 4:5 NLT, John 4:7-15)

Jesus doesn’t need ______________________ —you need ______________________.
(John 4:16-19, 25-26, Exodus 3:14, John 4:28-29)

Go Deeper:
1.Think about times you have been tired or exhausted. Does the best version of yourself come out when you are exhausted or rested?
2.Why do you think people, yourself included, will be blessed when you’ve had time to rest?
3.Do you think the Israelites who disagreed with Rehoboam had a good reason to abandon God? Why or why not?
4.Can you think of anyone who has left the church or left their faith altogether because of something someone else did? How might you be able to encourage that person?
5.If Jesus doesn’t need you, why do you think He chooses to use you?
6.How would you explain to someone else the “living water” Jesus shared with the Samaritan woman?
7.What does the “spring of living water” mean to you?
8.What step(s) can you take today based on what you heard or learned from this week’s sermon?
9.Read each verse listed above and pick one verse and apply SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer).

How Can We Pray for You?
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2. Visit our Prayer Team on campus before you leave.

Unless otherwise indicated, scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®. Copyright © 2011 by Biblica.

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