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    Sunday 9:00 AM
Description: We often say things like: "God has a plan for your life" with good intentions. For the most part, there's truth in it. At the same time, it
can give the impression that God has many different plans that He's
managing all at once. That's not the picture John gives us from heaven. He sees a vision of God with a scroll. On this scroll is one plan: God's determined will for human history. It includes His decrees of judgment and redemption. Who can read this scroll? Who can bring about God's plan for redemption and protect us from the judgment therein? No one in heaven or on earth except Jesus Christ, the lion of Judah and lamb of God, who has conquered through the cross. In this week's message we learn about why Jesus is central to God's will for human history, and why the solution to our weeping is to behold Him.
Questions to answer in the text:
a. What is CONTAINED in the scroll?
b. What does its OPENING represent?
c. Why is Jesus the one that has to open it?
I. The scroll is a written declaration of God's WILL
II. God's will directs all of history
Details of the scroll
1. It is in HIS right hand
2. It has been written on
3. It has been filled front and back
4. It is completely sealed
III. God's people desire for God's will to be done
"If God were to open on his own, with no mediator or protector, the
scroll that pours out wrath, no one would escape the punishment that
would be poured out." - Nancy Guthrie
IV. Jesus the solution to our weeping
Behold Jesus in three ways:
1. He is our KING:
2. He is our LAMB
3. He is our MODEL
V. Jesus brings God's will to bear
VI. If you want to experience the redeeming power of God, BEHOLD the Lamb of God!

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