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Sunday Morning Service
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Isaiah 44:9-23
When Man Makes A God

1. Idols had plagued Israel. In Babylon Israel would become sick of idol worship.
2. New Age Movement in the USA…transcendental meditation, astrology, psychic, spiritual
energy in physical objects. According to Pew report: 62% of ‘Christians’ practice at least
one of the above. 47% of evangelical Christians practice at least one of the above.
3. The fastest growing religion is ‘none’ religion which make up about 30% of the population
in America.
4. Romans 1:21-23, 25 When they knew God they glorified Him not as God, neither were
thankful, but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts were darkened.
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the
incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man…They exchanged the truth of
God for a lie.
5. On the inside of man is a God-shaped emptiness and man will fill that emptiness with
something. With what are you trying to fill that emptiness?
6. Isaiah 44:9-23 Israel was trying to fill that emptiness with idols.

With what are you trying to fill that emptiness?
He maketh a god. Man will worship something, even himself or nothing, but he will
A.A Man-Made God Is Inferior 9-13
A god cannot rise above its maker. Every religion is made by man. Only one is true! Isaiah uses extreme sarcasm to make a point.
1.Man Made Ingenuity 9-11
The effect is never any greater than the cause.
*Make or Made becomes a key word. They are their own witnesses…they see not…they know not (9) Who has made a god? (10) The image is profitable for nothing. They will be put to shame. The workmen of men (11) They are of men. They are by product of weak man. Let them stand up. Let them tremble. They shall be put to shame. Isaiah is speaking of idol worship, but it is true of any religion or worship.
*Man made idols are worthless and when needed they won’t stand the test. It’s not what a man makes that becomes his idol, but what he worships!
2. Man Made Inadequacy 12, 13
Isaiah looks at the makers.
*Smith, carpenter, worketh…fashioneth…works with the strength of his arms.
(12) A god can be no stronger or bigger than his maker. The maker needs to
eat/drink and his strength will fail.
*Carpenter (13) Idols were made of metal or wood. Maketh is patterns. He
makes it like the form of a man…the beauty of a man so he can sit it in his
house. Religion is made by man and it looks like man and it fits in his
B.A Man-Made God Is Illogical 14-17
1.The Planting of A Would Be God 14Cedar…Cyprus…Oak…Ash God waters it! The New Age: “20 spiritual herbs for activating higher consciousness…awaken intuition and deep healing.”
2.The Purposes of A Would Be God 15 With the wood mentioned in v. 14 Burns it to warm himself. He kindles it to bake bread. Yes…of the same tree he makes a god and worships it.
3.The Pointlessness of A Would Be God 16, 17 He makes a carved image and falls down to it. With the residue (what’s left) he makes a god. His carved image: falls down unto it…worships it…prays unto it. Says: Deliver me for you are my god! Sincerity…but sincerely wrong. Wishing doesn’t make it so!
C.A Man-Made God Is Insidious 18-20
It is harmful, but enticing. These are putting their lives into something that is worthless. They are deceived.
1.They Cannot Comprehend 18 They feel they are right. Not wanting to worship God as God. Professing themselves to be wise they became fools. Cannot is willfully blind. Then Providentially God closes: they cannot see…they cannot understand.
2.They Cannot Consider 19 They cannot reason…they cannot connect the dots. I have burned…I have baked…I have roasted…shall I worship what is left?
3.They Cannot Conclude 20 A deceived heart: He feeds on ashes…that’s what is left of his god…no substance. The burning of candles…sage…Cannot deliver your soul. At the judgment is where it matters! Is there not a lie in my right hand? Your crystal you carry. The band you wear around your wrist. His god is so small he could carry it! This one bought the lie with all their heart!

With what are you trying to fill that God-shaped emptiness?
God does it. God is the initiator. God is the prime mover. NOT ME!
A.Remember 21
1.Thou art MY servant. You belong to Me for My purposes. I do not belong to you for your purposes.
2.I have formed you. You didn’t make Me. I made you!
3.Since you are my servant…I will not forget you. I committed to you! “I am not ashes or a lie in your right hand!”
B.Return 22
1.I have blotted out your transgressions and sins like a thick cloud. He is not a do nothing god. Only God can forgive sins. At the day of judgment is when God is put to the test!
2.Return unto Me…for I have redeemed thee. Redeem Is to buy off the slave market and set us free. Religion…man made stuff can’t do that!
C.Rejoice 23
1.The Participants In Rejoicing: Sing…Heavens Shout…Earth Break forth in singing…Mountains, forests, trees Look beyond and see the God behind that which is created.
2.The Purpose In Rejoicing For…You are redeemed and God receives all the glory!

On the inside of every person is a God-shaped emptiness…
only Jesus Christ can fill that void!

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