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If I use my credit card to make a purchase for a family member, I am expecting them to pay me back as soon as possible. I will be irked if their payment doesn’t arrive before my bill is due. But if someone else paid my entire balance, I don’t need to worry about whether the first person pays me or not.
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  • Calvary Bible Fellowship Church
    6782 N Main St, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA
    Sunday 10:10 AM
• Those who have experienced forgiveness from God must forgive others
• Justice and forgiveness are partners, not foes
• We don’t deserve it either
• We are not trapped by their neglect
IV. How we put the message into practice
• Trust Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins
• Choose to forgive
• Refuse to charge
• Ask God for help
• Speak and act with love
Questions To Consider
What is at stake when I decide whether or not to forgive someone who hurt me?

What is forgiveness? How important does Jesus say forgiveness is?

What is the relationship between forgiveness and justice?