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Galatians Week 3: Whose Approval Matters
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Your Love Never Fails - Jesus Culture
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To the Only God - Chris Tomlin
Be Thou My Vision - Citizens
The Solid Rock - Passion
Unchanging - Chris Tomlin
Galatians - To The Churches In Galatia
Week 3 - Whose Approval Matters

The Apostle Paul was an interesting case in his authority as an Apostle. He was one of the most learned men in the history of the church, being trained by the best scholars of his day, but when it came to the Gospel message it was Jesus who took all that learning and applied it in real ways. Paul was independent of most influences of his day, but not independent of God’s influence.
• This is a hard question, but it gets to the heart of what we believe and why we believe it. How much do you depend on others for your truth versus how much do you depend on or look to God for your truth?

Paul is walking a fine line here because he believes that his announcement of the Gospel, which creates a single family composed of Jews and Gentiles together, should be loyal to Jesus above all else (even their loyalty to Paul). Some of the issues people were having in Galatia weren’t only over theology. There was also a turf war about who possess supreme authority. Paul calls truth “truth” in two ways: objectively and subjectively.

What is the truth of the Gospel?
Read Galatians 1:8, 15-16. Matthew 16:16-23.
• What do we learn about God in these verses?
• What is God’s revelation?
• What is the objective truth found in Jesus alone?
• How does this objective truth change us? What does it replace in your life?

There is an objective truth that is found in Jesus alone and there is a subjective truth that is found in faith in Jesus alone. Objective truth is what is true no matter what — it is simply true. Subjective truth is when something impacts our feelings and becomes true to us. The Gospel (the good news of what Jesus did) is TRUE objectively no matter how we feel about it, but it becomes subjectively real when we believe and walk in that good news. For a Christian, objective and subjective truth are meant to go hand in hand.

What is the truth of the Gospel?
• In what ways have you sought and accepted societal truths, or your personal truths, as the truth?
• How can we base our objective truth on God’s divine revelation?
• Whose approval matters to you in life? Whose carries the most weight?
• How have you experienced subjective truth of faith in Jesus? What has it changed?
• Is God more real or less real when you are by yourself?

The Christian life is one of action. Our lives are lived for Christ every day. Jesus turns us into something that is useful in His hands.

The more we are alone, the more real God becomes. Christianity is meant to be a faith lived in community, but it is also lived personally. David Martin Lloyd-Jones says to “be careful that we are not overshadowed by Christianity instead of penetrated by it.”

There is a change of nature. One of the marks that the Gospel has really touched your life is you become more grace filled for others. Paul will talk about how he went from being a persecutor of others to someone who shared the good news with those he once considered undesirable.

What is the truth of the Gospel?
• How has God led you to Himself?
• How has He made real IN you (subjective) what Christ has done FOR you (objective)?
• How can you share what you have experienced with others?
• In what areas are you not extending grace to others?
• Do you see that those are areas you need to better understand the Gospel both objectively and subjectively?
• How can you do so?

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