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FOLLOW - Part 1 | Follow Who?
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We encourage you to sign in and take notes. As you follow along, you can use the "add notes" feature to fill in the blanks. The completed answers can be found at the end.
Following Jesus in the 21st Century is inextricably __ to the 1st Century rabbi-disciple __.
Rabbi means in Hebrew “my master” or “my lord” – an honorary title for an outstanding teacher of the law in a biblical context.
Who are we called to follow?
Follow the Rabbi who __ the __.
Who are we called to follow?
Follow the Rabbi who __ the __.
Follow the Rabbi who __ our __.
Our Biblical Mission: to follow King Jesus as our Rabbi and call others to follow Him with the thirst and zeal of 1st Century disciples.

2023 Spring Creek "Follow" Reading Plan

The theme for 2023 at Spring Creek is Follow. Pick up a printed reading guide available at the church or download a digital version using this link.


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