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Great Expectations: God's Expectations Of His Church
This Sunday, Jason will be continuing our January sermon series entitled Great Expectations, with #2 in the series: God's Expectations Of The Church. This series will carry through January, leading up to Craig’s farewell service on 5 February. Jason says “What are God’s expectations of His Church? Jesus calls His followers to be the "light of the world". This means we are to be in the world and not of the world, to be a picture of redemption and to proclaim the gospel in word and deed to a broken world."
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God expects us to be the light of the world
People generally love the light, love the warmth.
However, it’s different when we think Spiritually:
For instance, we enjoy the light – we enjoy the warmth; we enjoy the benefits of what the light brings.
However, if we stare at the light – if we stare at the sun it becomes quite uncomfortable for us.
Even painful – it exposes our weakness – our frailty – our vulnerability.
When the light shines in our hearts it reveals things we would rather not have revealed – it’s problematic for us – even as believers we often do not like it.
We are here to proclaim the gospel of Christ – in love.

Point 1
If we are the light of the world then we are to be in the world and not of it.

Do not consume – but connect – it’s not about our expectations and our felt needs – but about God’s expectations and others' needs.

We are a light to the world in the good things the church does.
Point 2
The church as a picture of redemption - two sides of the coin:

One side of the coin
To be unapologetic;
Of the gospel of Christ;
To be ready in season and out of season to preach The Word.
The other side of the coin
When we sin as an individual or as the church, be transparent, own up – name your / our shortcoming and in doing so we point to the redemption in Christ.

Short comings are inevitable. The more saddening thing is the church is known for hiding its short comings.
Point 3
A light to the world in culture / society.

We live in a post Christian society.
There was a time when most Australians would go to church.
There is now a time of apathy.
There is also a growing animosity toward the church.
Many of the ethics, morals that we hold are seen as archaic – old fashioned – get with the times!
We often miss something rich and amazing about the church.
It was the church that emphasized care for the sick and established hospitals, schools, the basis of science in the west is because there was a belief that the world was created with order through an omnipotent God.
The reason why we focus on minorities so much in this country is because of the Christian ethic of looking out for the downtrodden, the widow, the disabled, the child with no father nor mother.
Point 4
How to be a light to the world
As a church we often think about how to reach the world.

Go out into the world be involved in the community:
• Play groups
• Book Clubs
• Men’s shed
• Running clubs
• Catch up for coffee
• Friend groups

Go out into world and proclaim unashamedly, unapologetically the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Be the light of the world, to a world in darkness.


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