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Great Expectations: God's Expectations
For our first Sunday of 2023 (eek!), Jason will be introducing our new January sermon series following on from Beyond Expectations in December – Great Expectations! This series will carry through January, leading up to Craig’s farewell service on 5 February. Jason says “It’s a new year and many of us wonder what might be in store for us in the coming months. Who knows? We can have “great expectations”. Sometimes these are realistic, sometimes unrealistic, sometimes fulfilled and sometimes unfulfilled. I want to ask several questions: What are God’s expectations? What are the expectations of the church? What are the expectations of the world? And what are our own personal expectations of self and others? I encourage us all to draw close to God in expectant anticipation of how He is going to work in our lives in the coming new year!”
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Point 1
Gifts are not a sign of maturity in Christ.
Knowledge is not a sign of maturity in Christ.
Giving is not a sign of maturity in Christ.
Point 2
Paul is concerned with our motivations.
What are my motivations and intentions?
Point 3
What is love?
• Love is an act and a connection.
• It is a connection to someone or something.
• It is an act toward someone or something.
• Various emotions are expressed through love:
• Joy
• Happiness
• Sadness
• Guilt
• Jealousy
• Anger
• Frustration
Love is objective
The Apostle John says “God is Love”
This means that love is something and not other things.
Love cannot be all things.

God is a God of love, holiness, and justice.
God must judge sin and we are all sinners so God judges all.
People will sometimes say “my God is a God of love; my God does not judge!”
That is not God. That is a God made in our own image. This is the sin of idolatry – we can create a god in our own image – often we want a god that will accept our sinfulness.
Point 4
Try putting your own name instead of the word love:
• ….. is patient
• ….. is kind
• ….. does not envy
• ….. is not boastful
• ….. is not arrogant
• ….. is not rude
• ….. is not self-seeking
• ….. is not irritable
• ….. does not keep record of wrongs

How did you do?
Point 5
God expects us to love, but we can expect and know that God loves all those in Christ Jesus.
The Hebrew word Hesed is used over 250 times in the Torah.
Hesed means, the consistent, ever-faithful, relentless, constantly-pursuing, lavish, extravagant, unrestrained, furious love of our Father God!
Even when we stumble, even when fail, God is committed to us completely in the love of Jesus.


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