Grove City Alliance Church
Generosity and Thanksgiving (11/27/2022)
Walking with other broken people to experience deeper life in Christ. Check us at:
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  • Grove City Alliance Church - Indoors 8AM, 9:30AM, 11AM | Online - 9:30AM, 11AM
    845 N Liberty Rd, Grove City, PA 16127, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM, Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

Join a Connect Group!

Our primary goal as Connect Groups is to create opportunities to enable people to connect to others, to God, and to our community.  We believe there is incredible value simply in helping people to connect to others – the early church did not exist without it.  Being part of a Connect Group gives the opportunity for friendships to naturally develop, and we know it is through these connections that people begin to live the full life that God intends for us to live.  Once these connections and friendships are established, we can then move onward together to experience spiritual growth, discipleship, care and belonging.

Serve with Us

It takes many hands to make and care for a community and its resources. If you consider yourself a part of this community, your blessing of lending a hand is welcomed and encouraged. Serving helps create and grow our community where we walk with each other into a deeper life in Christ. There are many ways to care for and make a difference in our community. Below are some of those ways. Talk with us about ways that interest you to see what might work for you to be another hand in creating community.

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