Calvary BFC
REDISCOVER “WHY” - Romans 15:14-21
There is a best-selling book titled, Start With Why. It encourages people and businesses to know what their purpose is. The apostle Paul knew what God’s purpose for his life was. But in Romans 15:14-21, his words help us discern the “why” for our lives and for the church. Let’s rediscover our “why.”
Locations & Times
  • Calvary Bible Fellowship Church
    6782 N Main St, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA
    Sunday 10:10 AM
I. Follow Jesus by helping Christians grow spiritually- vv. 14-15
• To “admonish” is to counsel
• One way to help is to be involved in a Connect Group
II. Follow Jesus by helping our community become followers of Jesus- vv. 16-21
• God works through us
• Churches are outposts that have been established to reach their communities with the gospel
• Paul’s purpose was to make Christ known. What purpose has God given me?
Bottom Line: Follow Jesus and help more people follow Jesus
Questions To Consider
Who has been influential in your spiritual growth? What did they do that was helpful?

Who have you tried to help grow spiritually? What did you do to help?

What is the purpose that God has given our church? What is the purpose that god has given to you? How will you work to fulfill that purpose?
Melodic Line of Romans
Jesus is the prophesied and revealed Messiah whose gospel-accomplishing life, death, and resurrection saves His beloved people, chosen out from all the world, to an obedience of faith, for the glory of His name.