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The Names of God - Yahweh
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    26900 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Discussion Notes (for use in a small group or individual study)
Sermon: Yahweh
(Phone apps are good for comparing multiple translations. Study Bibles help with interpretation.)

1. Icebreaker question: What is your full legal name? What is the story behind why you were given this name?
2. The sermon examined the significance of the name Yahweh. What do you remember about each of the main points? What stood out to you or impacted you?
3. Read Psalm 46 together.
a) Where is the name Yahweh used in the original Hebrew version of this Psalm? How can you tell?
b) What does this Psalm reveal about what God is like? Count the descriptions of God.
c) What promises are we given in this Psalm?
d) What points form the sermon do you see in this Psalm?
e) What kinds of turmoil do we see in the world today? How can Psalm 46 apply to how we view such things?
4. Read Exodus 14:10-14.
a) When the Israelites realized that they were trapped between the Egyptian army and the Red Sea, what was their response?
b) What did Moses say to them?
c) Look at verse 14. When do you think we should take the initiative and handle things ourselves and when do you think we should be still and let God work? How can we know the difference?
d) Now read Exodus 14:21-31. In light of this great miracle, why do you think that God led the Israelites into this difficult situation in the first place?
e) Read Exodus 15:20-21. What was the response of the community to what God had done? How can we respond similarly?
5. Read Mark 4:35-41.
a) How do you think Jesus was able to sleep during such a storm?
b) What was the real source of the disciples’ fear? (see v. 40)
c) What ended up terrifying the disciples even more than the storm? (see v. 41). Why?
d) Do you believe that Jesus could simply speak to the storms of your life and still them? Why doesn’t he always do so when we ask? (see 1 Peter 5:8-10).
6. What are some ways we can remind ourselves of God’s presence with us each day?
7. Spend some time praying that God would help you to know Him better. And pray for any needs in your group.