New Hope Church Detroit Lakes
Sunday 11/20/2022 Love Where You're Planted Part 3
Part three of our series.
Locations & Times
  • New Hope Church Detroit Lakes
    829 Lake Ave, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
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    Sunday 11:00 AM
We have talked about sowing and planting and a little about growing, but what about the process of growing from something small to something a little bigger. Matthew 13 has offered two pieces of the puzzle. Soil type is vital, and understanding that God’s provision and protection does not always mean removal from something we don’t like.

The growing process takes time
One seed produces something that benefits many
We must be rooted in Christ for us to grow
Not everyone grows at the same rate, but no matter what coming from a seed to a sapling to a full tree takes some time.
1. Ungodly counsel will kill you!
2. Standing with sinners will kill your relationship roots!
There is purpose in every part of you
When we take things into our own hands we think that we can support whatever comes and we step out in ignorance rather than faith and do things that spiritually drain and kill us.
Fun illustration happens here.
It should have always been his way rather than our way.
a. Don’t let the world steel your joy
i. Don’t let society take your peace
ii. What I preach today is Jesus
1. He is the great provider
2. He is the prince of peace
3. He is the great physician
4. He is the great counselor
5. He is the father of the fatherless
Questions for reflection:
Have you glorified ministry greater than God?
How do you think your root system is?
Unity Service
We will have just one service next week at 11:30!
It will be the last part in this series.