Hope Christian Church
Message notes for 11/20/22 service
Locations & Times
  • Hope Christian Church
    9273 Coach Stop Rd, Columbia, IL 62236, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
God wants us to be thankful IN everything. Even the hard things.
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The Pilgrims and Squanto learned to be thankful IN everything because they trusted God. That he had a plan and was working in their stories.
Squanto was form the Patauxet Tribe (puh-tux-et)
You have a choice in hard times. You can define it, or you can let it define you. You can be bitter or you can be better.
Getting something out of what you are going through can be just as important as getting out of what you are going through-maybe even more important. That's how you become a Hope dealer
Samoset (Sam-o-set) and Chief Massasoit (Mass-a-soit) were from the Wampanoag ( Wamp-a-no-ag) tribe.
The secret to to being able to have a heart of gratitude is to trust God. If he brought you to it He'll bring you through it. And if he's done it before-he's doing it now and he'll do it again.
Life Group Questions

1)Scripture is practical and plays out in our every day lives, but also in those Christians who have gone before us. Did you guys like the History aspect of the message?

2) What if anything else, stood out to you?

3) Go around the room and say one thing you are thankful for in your life and one thing you are thankful for in the person sitting to your right.

4) Do you struggle with being thankful in all things?

Read Luke 17:11-19

5) Do you think that gratitude is important to Jesus?

6) What else do you notice from this account?

7) Do you think that there is a connection between a heart of Thanksgiving and worship?

Read Luke 7:36-50

8)What do you notice about God, people and yourself

9) What can you do to cultivate a more consistent attitude of gratitude?