South Union Mennonite Church
Worship 11.20.22
Worship for 11.20.22. Service begins at 10:30 a.m. However, notes are available at 9:30 a.m.
Locations & Times
  • South Union Mennonite Church
    56 OH-508, West Liberty, OH 43357, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM
Introduction: Today, I want to equip us with the understanding and knowledge of how to give thanks with the “whole heart.” This includes understanding our situation; it includes understanding the majesty of God; it includes understanding what we give thanks for; finally it includes practical parts of giving thanks with the whole heart.
1. There are two parts of the situation described: the internal situation (heart) and external situation (bowing toward God's holy temple).

2. What is the heart? It is the "command center" of the human being that says "yes" and "no" to choices as well as originates desires.

3. The heart has a problem: great wickedness (Ps. 28:3; Ps. 41:6; Jer. 17:9-10). See below for Scriptures.

4. Our heart needs salvation and renovation (Jer. 31:33-34; Deut. 10:16). See below for Scriptures.

5. The external situation is bowing toward God's holy temple. God's holiness is the essence of his being. He is not to be trifled with - when approached incorrectly death can be unavoidable.

6. The Holy Spirit dwells within us. The only way to approach him now is through Jesus Christ, by grace through faith.

7. As we think about giving thanks to God with our whole heart, we must understand the absolute privilege of approaching him - and the danger. We are not to be flippant or silly, though of course God has a loving disposition to us. We’ll come back to that in a few minutes. So we have the internal situation - we desperately need God; we have the external situation - when praising God we approaching the holy one. We understand that heart is one of the deepest parts and hidden parts of our being - the command center of our will. We will come back to what we are giving thanks for in a few minutes.
1. The "gods" in Psalm 138:1 are other spiritual beings. (See Gen. 6:2; 1 Sam. 28:13; Is. 6:2; God is often called "the Lord of Hosts").

2. The purpose here is while we are giving thanks we express our direct loyalty and love to the LORD alone.
1. We find ourselves in the company of the world-wide salvation God has brought and will bring.
1. We give thanks for the Lord's steadfast love and faithfulness (v. 2).

2. We give thanks for in the Lord we find what we desperately need (salvation; v. 3).

3. We give thanks to the Lord for his world-wide salvation - his words, ways, his great glory, his exalted position, his wonder in reaching down and helping the lowly.

4. We give thanks to the Lord for his deliverance at an individual level, including his providential guidance and fulfillment of God's plans.

Practical Application
1. Acknowledge our need for Christ.

2. Remember whom we come before: The Holy Lord.

3. We give thanks for who God is and for his deliverance.

4. Fourth, we give thanks with our whole heart when we have settled dispositions and choices to give thanks with our whole lives. We give thanks by obeying his word; we give thanks as we rejoice in him in our thoughts; we give thanks as we choose to rejoice despite our circumstances; we give thanks in the valleys and the mountain tops.