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The Power of Words: What You Say
Discussion Guide: Week 3
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We are continuing our series called "The Power of Words". Last week, we focused our discussion on the words that others have spoken to us. This week, we are going to talk about the words we say.
Have you ever said something that you later wished you could take back? It's a terrible feeling. Share about your experience with the group.
There are 2 main parts of verbal communication, What you say and the Way you say it. We tend to pay more attention to what we say but, Pastor Jonathan reminded us that the way we say it matters even more. In fact, sometimes it can even cause what we said to be overlooked. How is this truth reflected in the following passages?
There are some phrases that are warning signs that what we are about to say may not be communicated in the best way. Do you find yourself using any of the phrases below in conversations? Which ones tend to roll off the tongue?
- "Nothing personal"
- "Don’t take this the wrong way"
- "Just saying"
- "Gonna be honest"
- "Need to say this/get this off my chest"
- "With all due respect”
Keeping the above phrases in mind, let's talk about intent. Pastor Jonathan shared a quote from a leadership coach he knows named Mary Powers. She says, "It doesn't matter what my intent is. It matters what my impact is." How have you seen this hold true in your own life?
Pastor Jonathan said we need to get good at saying "I'm sorry". How are you with this? Why is it so hard to take responsibility when it comes to the words we use with others?
This week, practice praying to God before you speak it out loud to others. It is hard to be unloving and unkind if we run our words through the filter of prayer first. This might just come in handy with Thanksgiving right around the corner.