St Marks Congregational Church
The Unchurched
REACHING out beyond the four walls.
Locations & Times
  • St Marks Church PE
    447 Cape Rd, Westering, Port Elizabeth, 6025, South Africa
    Sunday 7:00 AM

- Attend church services regularly
- Contribute financially
- Volunteer their time, get involved in various programmes
- The local church is an active part of their lives

- Have never been to a church service
- Used to attend as a child, but never went back
- Got hurt BY the church
- Overly religious household (parents) that lived hypocritically
- “Concept” of “church people” – feel they just don’t fit in
- Life is in the way - shift workers, contract workers, family obligations
- Just not interested

The Sunday event of “church” can easily become the focus and measure of our Christian faith.

Church is not...
... an event, a building, a time or place, a routine or ritual, a competition or comparison, a show or a concert, a checkbox or a scorecard, a loyalty programme or rewards scheme.

Church is not attendance!!
If the unchurched believe that Sunday “church” is the exclusive focus and measure of our faith, it’s a battle lost.

That means that we have to go to the unsure, the uninterested, the unwilling, the untrusting and the unable... unashamedly with the unchanging message of Christ crucified, which is the power of God!

Understand where people are coming from – you’ll be amazed at how familiar that place is…
The untrusting, the unsure, the unwilling, the uninterested BUT not unchangeable.

There are pivotal moments in every person’s life that will challenge each of those barriers.

What about the unable?

They are willing, sure, interested, trusting - all of it, they just can’t be there, at that place, at that time.

They are the ones who don’t “attend” and constantly feel guilty.

He sees beneath the surface – easily and obviously.

He knows what caused the scar, He sees the sincerity behind the scepticism and He knows what struggle sits behind the stubbornness.

God is not intimidated. God is not insecure. God is not trying to prove that He is better.

“Church” let’s remember - that’s where we started. At some point we were unsure, untrusting, uninterested, unwilling but God looked past that.
Don’t “copy / paste” your expectations on others… you cannot expect those who do not know Christ to love Him and live for Him!

That’s obvious, but maybe it’s just easier to judge and dismiss. Maybe it's way less effort, way less uncomfortable, way less time.

That’s NOT what THE Church is called to…

In your life, family, circles... there’s someone who is unsure, untrusting, uninterested, unwilling or unable.

God is calling you to be unashamed.

Unashamed in a “This really is the answer” kind of way.
Unashamed in a “Whatever it takes” kind of way.

Because THAT is the Power of God to change the seemingly unchangeable.

It's life-changing - for the churched and unchurched alike!