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Jesus Holds The Keys
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Description: Knowing the right person can sometimes open all the right
doors. As the old adage goes; "it's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know." In today's passage, that saying happens to ring true. Jesus' letter
to the church in Philadelphia reminds them that He's the one that has
the keys. Even though they're in shaky times, He has opened doors for
them to walk through so that they can experience unhindered access to
His Kingdom. In our own day, there are plenty of things that are shaky,
but if we look to Jesus, He will help us see the doors He opens for us
and focus our eyes on what is permanent.
I. Good works are how we put on what Jesus has worked in
Jesus introduces himself in three ways:
○ The one who "has the key of David"
The language of Isaiah is used to present Christ as the... Messiah with
absolute power to control entrance to the heavenly kingdom. It may be
an intentional contrast with the practice of the local synagogue in
excommunicating Christian Jews - Ian Paul
Jesus opens the door by which we can enter into the kingdom of God
and through which kingdom benefits can come to us:
Three doors God has opened to us in times of trial:
1. The door of ACCESS
Three doors God has opened to us in times of trial:
2. The door of OPPORTUNITY
In troubled times we should look for the door of opportunity rather than the opportunity of escape.
Three doors God has opened to us in times of trial:
3. The door of BLESSING
II. When things are shaky, look at the sovereignty of Jesus
Ways Christ exercises His sovereignty:
1. Christ's sovereignty in salvation
2. God's sovereign choice of love
3. God's sovereign preservation of His people
We can rest because the one who guards the door is sovereign
III. When things are shaky, look at the permanence of God's future
Because Jesus is sovereign, the future is CERTAIN, SETTLED, and
Things that are permanent about the future
1. The permanent placement of believers
2. The permanent closeness of God
3. The permanent approach of God's Kingdom
Jesus has opened the door for us and it will never be closed!

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