City of Light Church
Sermon Notes: 10.23.22 I've Got Questions - What's Your Truth? (2)
Speaker: Brian Mckee
Locations & Times
  • City of Light Church
    Sunday 8:30 AM
  • City of Light Church
    6725 W Burleigh St, Milwaukee, WI 53210, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM
Here is what the Apostle Paul says…
Truth Definition: That which describes an actual state of affairs

Can truth be known?
Can truth about God be known?
So what? Who cares about truth?
The Law of Non-Contradiction

Two opposing ideas can’t be true at the same time
Is religion all about Faith and no Fact?

Characteristics of Truth
Testing Common Claims About Truth
Common Statements About Truth In Culture

1. There is no truth
2. It’s true for you, but not for me
3. There Is No Such Thing As Absolute Truth
4. All Religions Teach The Same Thing
Ideas have consequences. Good ideas have good consequences, bad ones have bad consequences

If you kill the concept of truth, you kill the concept of morality
Can All Religions Be True?

If There Is A Such Thing As Truth, What Responsibility Do We Have To Follow It?