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We are so glad that you could celebrate with us today.

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1. God completely CONTROLS and DOMINATES the worst ENEMY we have.
2. Why live in FEAR when DEATH can’t HARM you, and you’ll REIGN for a thousand years?
3. We are all MILLENNIALS. Bring on the KINGDOM!
4. Live with AUDACIOUS HOPE, knowing what to AVOID and what to PURSUE.
Discussion Questions
1. What’s one of your craziest dreams? Either during sleep or in real life!

2. In discussing Revelation, it’s easy to get sidetracked with various theories, speculations, or trying to match every chapter with a current event. Instead, we’ve emphasized that “the main things are the plain things, and the plain things are the main things!” What’s one of the main things you are learning during this series? Why has it been impactful?

3. Read Revelation 20:1-6. What words or concepts stand out to you? Why? Does this passage bring to mind other passages or teachings in Scripture? Share one or two.

4. Pastor Quintin shared four takeaways from Rev. 20. Which one(s) embolden you and why?
God completely controls and dominates the worst enemy we have.
Why live in fear when death can’t harm you, and you’ll reign for a thousand years?
We are all millennials. Bring on the kingdom!
Live with audacious hope, knowing what to avoid and what to pursue.
5. Think about the future reign we will have with Christ. It will be a reign of goodness and grace. But why wait until the Second Coming? What specific evil, distraction, or nonsense can you avoid now? What are some good works that you can eagerly pursue this week? Be specific!
6. How can your Life Group eagerly do good works during the Great Pumpkin Party? Who are some people you could invite?
7. Think about the One Life God has brought into your life and influence. How does the book of Revelation affect the way you pray for them? Relate to them? Encourage them?