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Isaiah 36:1-37:7
“In Whom Will You Now Trust”

1. Chapters 36-39 are historical and might be called The Book of Hezekiah. It reminds us that
God keeps His Promise. Isaiah prophesied that Assyria would destroy Israel (36:1) Assyria
would besiege Jerusalem. He prophesied that God would deliver His faithful remnant. He
prophesied that Assyria would be destroyed. God Keeps His Promise! This is a God that
can be trusted.
2. In (36:5) Rabshakeh taunts Israel: In whom do you now trust?
3. We are living on the cutting edge of faith. Yesterday’s faith is for yesterday. In whom do you now trust? In the struggle you are facing right now…in whom do you trust?
4. Isaiah 36:1-37:7 raises that question and Hezekiah gives his answer in 37:1-7:

In whom do you now trust?
A. The Obstacles In Trust 1
1. It is 701 B.C. The army of Sennacherib is swarming over Judah like a horde.
Only Jerusalem remains. All the fortified cities he took them.
2. Rabshakeh is sent as a bully from Sennacherib. The situation is helpless. So
with you. You are totally inadequate to face the situation.
B. The Obstinance In Trust 2
1. Sent with a great army. Rabshakeh stood visible and invincible!
2. There is danger, desperation, despair, depression. The situation looks hopeless!
C. The Order In Trust 3
1. R. goes to the spiritual center to taunt and badger.
2. Satan goes to your spiritual center. It is a spiritual battle!

In whom do you now trust?
Rabshakeh in vss. 4-10 uses the word trust seven times. The Arabic word means to throw
oneself down on one’s face, to lie extended on the ground. Trust is a deep and entire
dependence. There are always arguments against living by faith in God.
A. War of Words 4-5
1. What is this trust, that you trust? What is this confidence that you have?
2. Do you think that mere words are strategy for war? Mere words…Great Army!
3. In whom do you now trust…if you rebel against me? When all human props are
gone…what is left? Do you think human empowerment without God is a
realistic strategy for the challenge of life? Trust and loyalty always go together.
We obey whoever and whatever we trust. He has a low view of God and an
inflated view of himself. He can’t imagine that anyone would defy him!
B. War of Weapons 6-12
Rabshakeh brags with a mixture of half truths, spin, and intimidation.
1.You trustest in the broken reed…Egypt. Where is Egypt?
2.You trusted in the Lord our God, whose altars Hezekiah has taken away. The commander thought that since Hezekiah had removed high places he was no longer trusting God. Their God was reduced to one altar in Jerusalem.
3.Pledge to me and I’ll give you 2000 horses…if you can find enough riders to ride them. (8) Will you trust Egypt for chariots and horsemen?
4.The Lord said (he heard Isaiah’s prophecies) go up against this land and destroy it. Who can argue against the sovereignty of God?
5.Speak in Aramaic (the language of politics) Hebrew was the language of the people…People will revolt! Speak in Hebrew…drink their own dung…drink their own urine. (12) This would be the horrible results of a siege. Surrender to me. You will be better off. He sounds awfully convincing!

In whom do you now trust?
A.The Counterfeit Deliverance 13-17
Deliver occurs 7 times and means, to draw snatch from danger. Isaiah
wants us to see that Rabshakeh imitates, parodies God’s deliverance. Thus says the
king (14, 16) (37:6 thus saith the Lord).
1.The Impossibility of Deliverance 14, 15 For he shall not be able to deliver
thee…the Lord cannot deliver you.
2.The Invitation of Deliverance 16, 17 Surrender to me…life will be wonderful. All he asks is that we make peace with evil and surrender.
B. The Counterfeit Deities 18-21
God is like all other gods. The Lord is not just one more idol. He enters with real
deliverance if we will trust Him!

In whom do you now trust? What do you do with overwhelming odds and no brainer logic? They say nothing!
Humble your spiritual center…bow before God! Get real with God!
A. His Pride 1a Broken before God he takes his problem to the house of God!
B. His Prayer 1b We humbly admit our failure. We admit our inadequacy. We admit
our need of Him. Let God do it!
C. His Plan 2-3 Sends to the prophet. What does God have to say? Go to the Word (3).
D. His Plea 4-5 It may be…Quit dictating to God. We do not know what God has in
mind! Our desire is not for us, but that God would receive the honor and the
glory…so the servants came!
E. His Promise 6-7
1. God can do the impossible…let Him!
2. Be not afraid of the words…fear destroys faith! God knows when He is
3.I will do it. 7 You can’t!
Do you think mere words are strategy and power in war? (36:5) How does God handle R.? God sends him a rumor, a mere whisper, that gets him worried. Bigshot goes home and is killed in his place of safety. (v. 38) Why does God put this in His permanent record? Because unbelief still sneers at faith in God. We still lose our nerve and God is still there to deliver us when we get real with Him! GOD IS LOOKING FOR DARING FAITH!

Whatever your challenge is today...IT IS A GIFT FROM GOD.

He Wants You To See His Deliverance For His Glory!
God is in your crisis!
“Let go...Trust Me!”

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