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Faith, Endurance, and Love
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    Sunday 9:00 AM
The downward church ---> Movement, Machine, Museum, Memorial
Churches are given their light BY Jesus to illuminate the world!
Jesus shines best when our devotion is shown in LOVE not just works
1. What is Love
2. The Cost of Love
3. The Reward of Love
Jesus holds THE Church, and we should care!
1. Love is Jesus' willingness to share Himself, laboring in LOVE on our behalf
Endured Arrows from OUTSIDE and INSIDE the church
Hearts are ready to be kindled but our hands aren't there
--- The Dimming Effect ---
- Preoccupied with Religiousness over Relationship(s)
- Prioritize busyness over intimacy/affection
- Prudeness - We look down on the basics

2. The Cost of diminishing love is it diminishes the love we have for Jesus. Jesus shines best when our devotion is shown in LOVE not just works!
REMEMBER - What was your Jesus wall?
REDO - What priorities need to be reordered?
3. When we return to our first love we restore our hope in the gospel
4. The REWARD of Love is a CONNECTION and REFLECTION of Jesus!
One Big Thing: Our first love is our devotion to Christ not our duty. He shines best when our devotion is shown in LOVE.

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