GateWay Church of Visalia
Philosopher Jesus
Pastor Ed Kemp September 22 & 25, 2022
Locations & Times
  • GateWay Church
    1100 S Sowell St, Visalia, CA 93277, USA
    Thursday 6:45 PM, Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
To be a Kingdom Church we must:
Jesus the Philosopher: Answers for Life
Luke 20:9-18, September 22 & 25, 2022
Prayer Requests:
Group Discussion: Who’s the best story or joke teller you ever knew and why?
Read out loud: Luke 20:9-18
To be a Kingdom Church which produces for Christ we:
#1. Honor the Owner! For you have been bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your body. I Corinthians 6:20. What’s one item you worked hard and saved up a long time for as a child? What did it mean to you to accomplish that task? How do you define the word honor? How do you personally honor God?
#2. Honor the Kingdom! …for the Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Romans 14:17. If righteousness, peace and joy are Kingdom values let’s talk about each one separately.
Righteousness is something we never fully attain because of our sin. Righteousness is the quality of being right in the eyes of God, in character (nature), conscience (attitude), conduct (action), and command (word). Which on of those 4 do you personally need to work on the most?
Peace is peace with God. Jesus removes the barrier between a holy God and an unholy person, the animosity or war is gone. We have been peacefully admitted into the Kingdom as citizens. What privileges or rights do you have now that you’re a citizen of God’s Kingdom?
Joy is the last Kingdom value. When you visit another country in the world do you come home with a greater appreciation and joy for the United States? Do you think immigrants that come here have a deeper joy for this country than citizens who were born here have?
Think of these 3 values this way, God has given me righteousness so I can be a peaceful citizen of His Kingdom and experience the joy of life eternal.
#3. Honor the Mission! Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… Matthew 28:19. Jesus specifically states ALL nations so that the Jews knew they had to include the rest of the world in their definition of Church. It has been estimated that 4.6 Billion people watched the funeral service of Queen Elizabeth of England. The service was really a Church service honoring Jesus Christ, therefore was the largest Christian worship service ever attended! What do you think was accomplished?
#4. Honor the Vision! Invite every person in Visalia to cross the threshold of GateWay and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Who have you invited lately?
Family Time: Read Luke 20:9-16a. Ask your kids how they would feel if you loaned your house to someone to live in while you went on vacation. Then when you came back they wouldn’t move out? And on top of all that they wore your clothes, slept in your bed, broke all your toys. This world is God’s and sometimes we don’t honor and thank Him for what He lets us borrow. How can we thank God for letting us borrow this wonderful world?

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