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GOD CHOSE MERCY FOR ALL - Romans 11:25-36
God doesn’t do things the way we would do them. We tend to reject those who reject us and accept those who accept us. God works through people who reject Him. They are His means of showing mercy to other people. And then He shows mercy on the first group.
Locations & Times
  • Calvary Bible Fellowship Church
    6782 N Main St, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA
    Sunday 10:10 AM
I. God has revealed some of his plans to us- vv. 25-27
• Many Jewish people are not following Jesus
• The time outside of God’s greatest blessing has an expiration date
• God still has plans to save many Jewish people
II. God powerfully exercises mercy- vv. 28-32
• God has mercy on those who were disobedient
• God’s mercy is for all types of people
III. God’s plans and mercy deserve our worship- vv. 32-36
• Worship God weekly with His people
• Worship God daily through prayer
Bottom Line: Worship God for His mercy and plans
Questions to Consider
What mystery is revealed in verses 25-27? How is this mystery a fulfillment of what God had previously said?

In what way does God provide mercy to “all” (v. 32)?

What should be our response to God’s plans and God’s mercy?
Melodic Line Of Romans
Jesus is the prophesied and revealed Messiah whose gospel-accomplishing life, death, and resurrection saves His beloved people, chosen out from all the world, to an obedience of faith, for the glory of His name.