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Practical Theology - Part 18
What can we learn from the from the book of Romans? Let's find out together this morning!
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Big Idea: The key to true freedom is obedience to Jesus Christ.
I. The Problem: Sin Leads to Death, v. 15-18
A. In v. 14, Paul declares, “We are not under law, but under grace.” Anticipating that some would pervert this to mean that we are free from all moral restraint, he reminds us that what we choose to give ourselves to becomes our master (vv. 16-18). Choose Jesus, and we become instruments of His righteousness. Choose sin, and we become slaves to sin.
B. Paul reminds us that Sin is:
1. Deceptive - Sin misleads us and distorts God's truth.
2. Destructive - Sin has a corrosive effect on our spiritual, emotional, and physical lives.
3. Damning - Sin is a cruel master that pays its wages in death
II. The Promise: Jesus Gives Us Life, v. 19-23
A. If we see that the bad news is sin leads to condemnation and death, then the Good News is that in Messiah Jesus we find freedom and righteousness. Paul’s main point here is that by God’s grace and through Jesus’s atoning sacrifice we are freed from the grip of sin, so how can we then give ourselves over to it as our master? Jesus is our new Master, and this truth leads to life and gives us hope.
B. In living out these verses, we embrace:
1. God's grace - His unmerited favor lavished on us in Jesus Christ
2. Jesus' atoning sacrifice - Jesus took our sins upon Himself so that through His righteousness we could be reconciled to God.
3. Faith - Trust in Jesus as Messiah and Lord
4. Obedience - We are not saved by good works, but unto good works

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