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The Book of Judges Part 3 - An Unlikely Hero
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  • Bouquet Canyon Church
    26900 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, USA
    Domingo 10:00 AM

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Discussion Notes (for use in a small group or individual study)
Sermon: An Unlikely Hero
(Phone apps are good for comparing multiple translations. Study Bibles help with interpretation.)

1. Icebreaker question: Who is your favorite hero/superhero in literature or movies? Why?
2. The sermon was the third message in a new series in the book of Judges. It focused on an unlikely hero named Ehud. What do you remember about each of the main points? What stood out to you or impacted you?
3. Read Exodus 4:10-12 (where God is calling Moses to lead the Israelite slaves to freedom, but Moses is resisting).
a) What weakness did Moses complain that he had?
b) What was the true, deeper weakness he suffered from?
c) What did God try to help him see?
d) God eventually used Moses despite his weaknesses, just as he used Ehud’s left-handedness. In what area of your life do you feel weak?
e) How might God turn your weakness around and use it for something powerful?
4. Read Romans 12:11-12
a) What do you picture when you think of a zealous Christian?
b) What do these verses say a zealous Christian should actually look like?
c) Ehud was moved by seeing stone idols at Gilgal, a place that had been holy to God. What do you see in your own world that causes you to ache for change?
d) How can we be set free from spiritual apathy in our lives?
e) What is something you can do this week to help your spiritual flame burn stronger?
5. Ehud struck down the wicked Moabite king, Eglon. Are there any “Eglons” in your life (for example, bad habits, sins, strongholds) that you are enslaved to? What steps do you need to take to vanquish them?
6. Spend some time praying for God to use your weaknesses for good. Ask for greater spiritual zeal in your life and that “Eglons” would be removed. And pray for any needs in your group.