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Message Notes for Sunday, 9-18-22
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    Sunday 8:00 AM
Making Love Last a Lifetime week #1
Message Notes 9-18-22

“The Right Person Myth” is.....
I want to challenge you to shift your thinking from finding the “right person” to becoming the right person.
Love is patient.

Love is kind = considerate.
Love does not envy.

Love does not boast. It is not proud.

How might tragic relational stories be different if those involved were really patient, extraordinarily considerate, and incredibly kind?
Love does not dishonor others.

Love never does anything to create regret for the other person….ever.

“I am going to be the person that God is calling me to be.”

Love is not self - seeking. Have you ever watched two self-seeking people suck the life out of each other....and then their romance was gone in an instant?!
How are you approaching relationships? Are you still thinking like that?
Life Group Questions


1. Pick 2 love songs….share one of your favorites and one you can’t stand!

1. On Sunday, Shane discussed something called, “The Right Person Myth.” Can you explain what he meant?

Without mentioning names, have you seen people buy into that myth? Have you ever bought into that type of thinking?
2. In the message, we were challenged “to get your mind and heart around this concept….“Instead of our focus being on finding the right person, maybe we should focus on becoming the person God has called us to be.”

What are your thoughts?

Does that shift of perspective change things for you? Why or why not?
Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-5.

1. In our relationships, what could it look like to be “incredibly patient?”
2. Give some examples of how it might play out in a relationship for someone to be “extraordinarily considerate.” What does being “extraordinarily considerate” look like in a relationship?
3. What do you think it would look like if we chose to “behave honorably” in all our relationships? How would it change relationships within your work environment?
4. Have someone read 1 Corinthians 13:11 then ask…
How might this passage call us toward maturity in our relationships?

1. How will you respond to 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 and 11?
2. How might you use what you share this passage and our discussion with others?
3. How can this group be praying for you?