Charlotte’s Hope Church
Encounter 2022
Living Water - John 4
Locations & Times
  • Hope Church Charlotte
    4100 Johnston Oehler Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Our souls do not adapt quickly to the sharp turns we have all experienced over the last few years.

Each trauma, each disappointment, each period of isolation has eaten away at our SPIRITUAL RESERVES and the reality for many is that we are dying of thirst.

Many are seeking to quench the thirst by giving their HEARTS to COMFORTERS other than GOD.
Living Water?

1. It is a GIFT - GRACE

GRACE means anyone, anywhere, in any circumstance can have an ENCOUNTER with the Savior. The Living Water we seek is absolutely a gift.
Living Water?


Jesus was saying “I’ve got something that your soul needs more than your physical body needs water.”

And, if you go to another source, YOUR THIRST WILL JUST GET WORSE!
Jesus says, you can find in HIM a spiritual love, acceptance, peace, hope, and beauty that no matter what happens, no matter what traumas you face, His joy, His life will bubble up within you as you come and drink.
Living Water?

3. It must be both RECEIVED and SUSTAINED
Salvation is a PROCESS, not just an EVENT.

Salvation is a homecoming to be sure. That is the EVENT.

Though the event is INSTANTANEOUSLY life-changing, it is not THOROUGHLY life-changing.
Salvation is also a RE-CREATION of our FALLEN HUMANITY, a restoration of our life through union with Christ. And, that happens over time. It is a process.
The Lord wants us to live FULL, to find life in all of HIS fullness. The only way to sustain that is to continuously stay connected to the SOURCE of Living Water by daily, moment by moment surrendering every FRAGMENTED part of your life to Him.

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