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Joy found in God’s Peace
Philippians 4:1-9
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    Sunday 10:30 AM
Welcome to our Summer Series - Joy Ride

We will be studying in depth the Book of Philippians.

Four Chapters of some of the most quoted scriptures in the Bible that will lead us to a deeper understanding of Joy.
The promise of PEACE in the face of life’s challenges that cause WORRY AND ANXIETY.

His amazing promise concerning a COMMON EXPERIENCE we have living in this sin-cursed world.
We can get so caught up with life itself, that we miss LIFE ITSELF.
Don’t “Be” anxious– Don’t be in a continual state of anxiety and worry.

Life’s going to come at you and bring about things that cause worry and anxiety, but as a child of God don’t sit in it and let it CONSUME YOU.
If we are going to experience the Peace of God then we must understand the following:

Thankfulness is not an OPTION, it is an OBLIGATION
Worry is an outward expression of an inward LACK OF FAITH.
1. See your circumstances through the lens of God’s LOVE
2. See your circumstances through the lens of God’s WISDOM
3. See your circumstances through the lens of God’s POWER
Two Truths in life:
- What we see and know
- What God sees and knows

They are both true…but you can only choose to live in one of these truths.
There is nothing too great for GOD’S POWER and nothing to small for our FATHER’S CARE.
Worry keeps you from appreciating what you DO HAVE.
Take control of what you CAN, let go of what you CAN’T.
If you are in a place where worry and anxiety are consuming you, it’s because you are LETTING IT.


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