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The Book of Jonah is highly unique, unlike any other book:
1. Sent to prophesy to a gentile nation.
2. About the prophet; not the words of the prophet
3. Narrative literature.
4. Full of irony.
5. Satire.
Our Prayer as we Read Jonah:
Ps 139:23-24 Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.
This book is meant to punch you in the gut then point you to God.
Charles Spurgeon: “I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages.”
Nineveh stood for the essence of human self-exaltation and anti-God power
- Nineveh was a city of the Assyrian Empire.
- 500 miles east of Israel
- Gentiles - pagans, not worshipers of God, different people group
- Wicked - Polytheism, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Alcohol Abuse, Sexual Promiscuous
- Cruel - Assyrians were most known for was their violence and brutality.
Assurnasirpal 883-859
600 of their warriors I put to the sword; 3,000 captives i burned with fire; I did not leave a single one among them alive. Their corpses I formed into pillars; their young men and maidens I burned in the fire. Their governor I flayed and his skin I spread upon the wall of the city. I cut off their fingers, and from others I cut off their noses and their ears; of many I put out their eyes. I made one pillar of the living and another of heads, and I bound their heads to post around the city. 700 men I impaled on stakes against their city gate.
Ashurbanipal 669-633
I pierced his chin with my keen hand dagger. Through his Jaw I passed a rope, put a dog chain upon him and made him occupy a kennel by the east gate of the inner wall of Ninevah. I tore out their tongues and flayed them. I laid them upon a skinning table in Ninevah and slaughtered them like lambs. I cut off their members and had them carried about as an object for all lands to see.
Fleeing to Tarshish:
- Irony, funny, satire, big reaction, exact opposite, extreme disobedience.
- Nineveh is 500 miles east on land and Tarshish is 2000 miles due West by water.
- In modern day Spain, probably a seaport town just past the strait of Gibraltar.
- The farthest place away that Jonah knew of – the end of the known world.
What’s going on here? Why run? Why flee?
1. Trying to be God
2. Trying to Escape Guilt
Questions to Ponder
- What is your Nineveh? That place of purpose, that place of God’s will, that place only accessible through obedience.
- What is your Tarshish? That place of escape where you don’t have to think about God.
- What are the ships at Joppa? Those temptations, vehicles that lead you away from the presence of the Lord.
Ultimate Questions:
- Would you rather experience cheap freedom without God or costly obedience with God?
- Would you rather live in Tarshish without God or go to Nineveh with God?