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Joy in Growing in Christ - Part 2
Philippians 3:17-21
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    4100 Johnston Oehler Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269, USA
    dimanche 10:30 AM
Welcome to our Summer Series - Joy Ride

We will be studying in depth the Book of Philippians.

Four Chapters of some of the most quoted scriptures in the Bible that will lead us to a deeper understanding of Joy.
1. To grow spiritually, we have to own our SHORTCOMINGS
2. To grow spiritually, we must PRESS INTO Christ.
3. To grow spiritually, we must forget the PAST
4. To grow spiritually, we must stop COMPARING ourselves to OTHERS.
The #1 goal of every Christian should be to BE LIKE CHRIST.

Jesus is not only our Savior but God’s pattern for AUTHENTIC human life.
5. To grow spiritually, we need GODLY EXAMPLES
If you are going to grow in Christ, you need others who are godly examples IN YOUR LIFE.

Our CONSUMERISTIC, highly INDIVIDUALIZED culture fights against this.. But, we must prioritize and STAND UP against this in order to become more like Christ.
Marks of a Good Mentor: (Howard Hendricks - DTS)

· Someone who seems to have what you personally need
· Someone who cultivates relationship
· Someone who is willing to invest in you
· Someone who is respected by others
· Someone who has a network of resources
· Someone who is consulted by others
· Someone who both talks and listens
· Someone who is consistent in their lifestyle
· Someone who is able to diagnose your needs
· Someone who is concerned with your interests
6. To grow in spiritually, avoid SPIRITUAL IMPOSTERS
Signs of Spiritual Imposters:
· Their lives are centered on personal pursuit of pleasure and not the things of God.
· They focus on themselves and not on Christ.
· Their imaginations have been captured by culture and their life is summed up in the pursuit of what culture dictates and not in seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.
7. To grow spiritually, we must remind ourselves about ETERNITY
Martin Luther, “Live like Jesus dies yesterday, was raised today, and is coming tomorrow.
Are you growing spiritually?
Are you more like Jesus today than you were a year ago?
Have you lost your focus?
Do you have a mentor? Are you mentoring anyone?
Do your close friends draw you closer to Christ?

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