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Isaiah 30-31
“False Security”

1. In the 50s-70s there was a popular cartoon call Peanuts: Snoopy (dog), Charlie Brown, Lucy
all created by Charles Shultz. On September 19, 1952 a new character was introduced,
Linus. On June 1, 1954 Linus appears with his blanket. Linus Van Pelt inspired the term,
‘Security Blanket’.
2. A ‘security blanket’ is a familiar object that provides comfort and security, but is actually
worthless to provide anything.
3. What is your ‘Security Blanket’? Where do you run in times of trouble?
4. Isaiah 30-31 Israel runs to Egypt...FALSE SECURITY. Chapter 31 is a summary of chapter 30.
Our focus will be on Isaiah 30.

What is your ‘Security Blanket’? Where do you run in times of trouble?
Rebellious Children (1) Rebellious People (9)
A. It’s A Sin 1
1. Your Plan who executes a plan, but it is not Mine.
2. Your Perception Make alliance, but not of God (my Spirit) In order to add sin to
sin…they just left God out.
B. It’s A Shadow 2
Proceed to Egypt…where do you go?
1. No Prayer They didn’t ask God.
2. No Perspective To strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharoah…not God.
At one time Egypt held them captive. We go to the world for the answer.
3. No Power Trust in shadows…I remember a little girl who had a ‘wankie’, her
blanket to keep her safe, to hide her. It made her ‘feel’ safe, but provided no real
protection or security. What good is a shadow when the enemy comes?
C. It’s A Shame 3-5
1. Instability shame/confusion 3 Judah’s ambassadors were negotiating. 4
2. Inadequate Cannot profit them 5 It is the world’s inability to bring any lasting
D. It’s A Steal 6-7
They will give anything to a people who cannot protect them.
1. No Profit 6 What will Egypt do? Egypt will promise them anything, but give
them nothing!!
2. No Purpose 7 Strength is to sit still. Rahab who has been exterminated. The
Egyptians shall help in vain. Rahab was a mythological sea monster who sat in the
Nile doing nothing!
E. It’s A Setback 31:1-3
What you intend to get…you are let down, misled and betrayed.
1. Their Desire 1 Rely on horses…trust in chariots, but they look not unto the
Holy One of Israel, neither seek the Lord.
2. Their Destruction 2 It’s evil…to not seek the Lord!
3. Their Disappointment 3 Egyptians (Security Blanket) are men, and not God.
Horses are flesh, not spirit. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but
principalities, powers, mights, dominions and the ruler of the darkness of this
world. Fall…All of them will come to an end!

What is your ‘Security Blanket’? Where do you run in times of trouble?
A. They Reject God’s Word 8-14
1. Eternal Principles 8 Write down…forever These principles never change!
2. Everlasting Problems 9-11
1) What They Won’t 9 Rebellious, lying children will not hear the Word of God.
2) What They Want 10 Pleasant words…prophesy of smooth things…not right.
They don’t want to adjust their lives to do what God wants them to do!
3) What They Will 11 Let us hear no more about the Holy One of Israel.
3. Enlightened Peril 12-14 Because you despise this word (12) Therefore this
iniquity (It’s sin not to trust in God). The wall is insecure…unstable. 13 He shall
break it…He shall not spare. 14 God cannot permit false securities to stand. They
take His place!
B. They Refuse God’s Way 15-17
They refuse to repent.
1. Forsake 15 Return and rest…you shall be saved…you would not! Lord God…
Holy One of Israel.
2. Folly 16 Run…You cannot outrun the pursuer.
3. Flee 17 Ruin…It’s lonely to run from God.

What is your ‘Security Blanket’? Where do you run in times of trouble?
What does repentance and rest look like? This is what God can offer to those who run
to Him. Everything they wanted God can give. It looks to the 1000 year reign of Christ.
It is ours today as we rest in Him.
A. God Gives 18-19 Grace…Mercy…Justice…Blessing (Blessed are they that wait on
Him) Therefore He will be exalted. You will weep no more…at the sound of your
cry…He shall hear and answer you.
B. God Guides 20-22
1. God Teaches 20-21 The correct/right way is pointed out.
2. God Turns 22 Idols lose their appeals. It is utter revulsion of anything
that takes the place of God.
C. God Governs 23-26
1. Resources Flourish…Increase…Plenteous 23, 24 1000 years of prosperity. Jesus
reigns! 23,24
2. Rivers flow 25 In the great day of slaughter, when towers fall…powerful nations
are brought to nothing.
3. Radiant Features 26 Talk about Climate Change! God is at the controls. God binds up the
broken…heals the wounded…The Unparalleled Power of God is on display!

What is your ‘Security Blanket’? Where do you run in times of trouble?
What about the obstacle? What about the enemy?
Let God fight your battles! The Enemy that caused them to fear and forsake is no
match for God.
A. How God Is Described
B. How God Is Detailed
He will turn your sorrows into joy. 33


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