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Is God fair? I don’t want to accuse God of injustice? What about you? But we must struggle to understand how it is that God chooses some people to receive special blessings while allowing other people to experience the punishment that they deserve.
Locations & Times
  • Calvary Bible Fellowship Church
    6782 N Main St, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA
    Sunday 10:10 AM
I. God’s blessings don’t always translate to eternal blessings- vv. 1-5
• Paul desired for people from his nation to be saved
• These were people who received great blessing from God
II. God’s promises never fail, but not everyone receives God’s promises- vv. 6-9
• Not all of Abraham’s descendants were meant to inherit God’s promises
Melodic Line of Romans
Jesus is the prophesied and revealed Messiah whose gospel-accomplishing life, death, and resurrection saves His beloved people, chosen out from all the world, to an obedience of faith, for the glory of His name.
III. God has a purpose in choosing to bless some people- vv. 10-13
• God’s selection is not based on our worth
• God’s purpose is the only reason some are blessed
Bottom Line: Rejoice that God’s control means that some people will receive undeserved blessing.
Questions To Consider
Is God fair to bless some people and not others? Why or why not? Why are we not the best judges of God’s actions?

How should we respond to God’s gracious blessings if we have not earned them but still receive them?